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Michael Sullivan

Born May 20 1945, Jacksonville, Florida,

Sullivan lives next to a flea market in New York, where he scavenges for female fashion dolls and soldier toys to make into his robot models. All are 1/6-scale dolls with articulating knee and elbow joints. He sculpts them using a handheld belt sander. "I leave as little plastic as can be left on them without destroying the joints," Sullivan says.

Robot Goddess

Robot babies gather around their caretaker in Sullivan's vision of a robot nursery. The "goddess" face is taken from a mold of Deborah Harry's face, which Sullivan made in 1976. "I contacted Debbie by e-mail to get her permission to use her image in the movies, and she said yeah," Sullivan says.

Full bio in pdf.

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Portrait by Trix Rosen

Michael Sullivan portrait by Trix Rosen Photography

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